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Dock Bumpers - June 2011

This customer had 2 relatively new loading bays but was finding that vehicles reversing back to either of the bays, were impacting with the building at the top of the door opening.

After a site survey it was deduced that the yard area in front of the bays sloped back towards the buildings. The existing rubber dock bumpers did not protrude far enough to prevent the top of the vehicle from impacting the building. Further, the existing bumpers were not high enough to correctly work with all vehicle types using used.

Thorworlds solution was to install its new Patented Sliding Nylon Dock Bumpers onto steel bumpers supports which were raised, and projected sufficiently to work with a wide range of vehicle types, protect the building from impact damage, but still allow the existing Dock Shelters to operate correctly.

Bumper & Support fitted to other loading bay on site.