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Dock Levellers - Nov 2007

Our TO1717-6 Counterbalanced drawbridge levellers were installed to eight of our clients loading bays.

These Levellers have the following specification.

Width: 1750mm
Length: 1750mm
Capacity: 6000Kg
Height Variation: + 200mm

Below ground wheel guides were also supplied to ensure correct vehicle alignment (not shown).

Deluxe traffic Lights TDL-2-N/S were fitted to the outside of the loading bay to inform the vehicle drivers when the levellers were in use. Standard traffic lights TDL-1-N/S were also fitted inside the loading bays to inform the operators when the vehicles and levellers are in place.

Steel goalposts were fitted to provide a secure fixing area for the levellers.
DBS-1 dock bumpers and supports were fitted to protect the levellers when parked.

The Levellers were fitted with folding handrails to provide safe access across the levellers
These can be folded away to allow the loading bay doors to be closed when the levellers are parked.

Detailed drawings and rendered images were sent to the client for approval prior to manufacture