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L/W Platform - July 2012

The client had a requirement to manually hand-ball goods from vehicles onto pallets which are then in turn off-loaded to ground level by FLT.

The platform needed to be mobile and was provided with pockets to allow it to be manouevred using a fork truck. Height adjustable legs allow the platform to be used to serve a wide range of vehicles.

Length: 3600mm
Width: 2500mm
Height: 1000-1550mm (adjustable in 50mm increments)
Capacity: 2000Kg

Special features: Safety Barriers with a locking gas spring, hinged bridge plate with steel "piano" hinge to bridge gap between vehicle and platform.

The photo above shows the bridgeplate with steel hinge and chains hooks and tensioners to lock the platform to the trailer.

This type of hinge was chosen as it offers maximum strength and ensures a smooth transistion as goods are (un)loaded.

Rendered images and detailed drawing were provided prior to manufacture