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Platform Scheme - Dec 2013

A client required a raised loading area to expand and improve their (un)loading facilities.

We provided a scheme that included two electro hydraulic dock levellers, an access ramp and various platform modules to allow trailers to be (un)loaded without the need for costly/time consuming civil works.

The schemes are simply bolted in place and can easily be moved to an alternative location if required in future.

The system consisted of:

  • 1 x Deluxe Type 6 Access Ramp - This had the 2.4m level off section and nose plate removed to give the lowest possible incline and smoothest transition onto the platforms.
  • Expoxy/grit (Bimagrip) antislip surface to the platforms, stairs and dock levellers.
  • The ramp has the standard expanded metal decking to maximise traction whilst allowing rain to pass through.
  • An overall platform size of 9.6m Wide x 8.75m long
  • Swing lip electro hydraulic dock levellers - 2m x 2.5m.
  • Access steps with 1x1m platform to allow safe access to operate the leveller and access to the vehicles.
  • A safety barrier to allow pallets to be added/removed from ground level without the need to travel on the access ramps.

The system is rated at 6000Kg.

Dock bumpers with steel fronts were provided.

Leveller control panels were added above the handrails either side of the dock levellers.

The above image shows the difference between the bimagrip antislip and the expanded metal decking on the access ramp

The above images shows the 300mm high fork truck raves / handrails and the safety barrier partially opened.

The above image shows the access steps and closed safety barrier.

Rendered images were provided to the client prior to manufacture.