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Platform Scheme - T69085

A client hooked on our loading docks required a specialist two dock solution for their warehouse. 

With loading access needed at both ends of the building and the limiting grass verge, a specialist design was needed to satisfy the site conditions. The scheme included two hinged Bridgeplates and two gas spring assisted barriers making this a fully manual system with no power needed to operate.

The system consisted of:

  • 13 Non-standard platforms that gave an overall size of 31m from dock to dock
  • 2 Gas spring assisted barriers to allow for access from both sides
  • 4 Dock bumpers with steel fronts
  • Two sets of wheel alignment curbs 
  • An antislip grit finish to allow safe use when wet
  • A custom paint colour to blend in with the surrounding buildings
  • 2 Bridgeplates rated at 2500Kg

 The scheme capacity was 6,000 Kg for the platforms only.

The most challenging part of the process was the installation. Due to the tight tolerances and the unique shape the start point and alignment was key. Even though it was a tough job, our team of engineers managed to complete the install within 3 days.

The renders above show the difference in height between the docks at the ends and the doors in the middle of the scheme. The unique shape is also shown very well.

The picture above shows that the access doors are almost at ground level therefore creating a challenge to increase this to a safe loading level at the dock end.

The images above show the finished scheme with cladding done by others.