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Platform System - Apr 2009

This client had no raised loading dock, so required a freestanding platform that would allow them to (un)load a wide variety of chilled/frozen goods to a range of vehicles and fixed refrigerated container.

We manufactured and installed a platform 7.5m x 5m. Goods are then moved on the platform by pallet truck.

The platform was fitted with two hinged bridgeplates to allow access to vehicles using pallet trucks.

O/A Length: 5,000mm
O/A Width: 7,500mm
Height: 1,300mm
Capacity: 2,000Kg / Module
Special features: Counterbalanced safety barriers, bridgeplates, access steps, antislip grit finish.

Counterbalanced safety barriers were fitted to each opening.

The upper surface of the platform was coated with a heavy duty anti-slip coating.