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Platform system - Feb 2010

This was the second of two similar platforms manufactured by Thorworld for this particular customer. Their premises had no raise loading dock, so required a freestanding platform that would allow them to (un)load a wide variety of white goods to a range of vehicles.

The end result was a platform 5.5m x 6m with removable handrails to two sides. The platform system was installed with one side flush with one warehouse door, for speedy loading from ground level by FLT. Goods are then moved on the platform by pallet truck. Due to its exposure to poor weather conditions the upper surface of the platform was coated with a heavy duty anti-slip coating.

The removable handrails to the sides allow multiple vehicles to be (un)loaded simultaneously, and allows cross transfer of goods from one vehicle to another without the need to move the goods to ground level and back.

The platform was also supplied with a freestanding manual dockplate to allow the small gap between vehicle and platform to be bridged in a safe, efficient manner.

Finally, dock bumpers to all sides reduce damage to the platform, and vehicle during impact.

O/A Length: 6,000mm
O/A Width: 5,500mm
Height: 1,450mm
Capacity: 8,000Kg
Special features: Counterbalanced safety gates, removable handrail sections, dockplate, access steps.