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Platform System - Oct 2011

Due to limited space availability, and the way the customer operated, this job required a Modular Platform System area which was loaded from inside the building, the customer then uses a pallet truck to manually load the vehicle over our Counterbalanced Drawbridge Dock Leveller.

A Collapsible Dock Shelter was also fitted to prevent the ingress of rain etc when the vehicle was in place.

A gas-spring assisted locking barrier was used to allow loading of the pallets to the platform, which is then closed to allow operatives to work on the platform top.

Platform Width: 4000mm
Platform Length: 3000mm
Platform Height: 1280mm
Vehicle Height Variation Possible: 1105-1455mm
Capacity: 4000Kg
Features: Gas-spring assisted locking safety gate, pedestrian access steps, TO2012-4 Counterbalanced Drawbridge Dock Leveller to bridge gap between vehicle and platform, Collapsible Dock Shelter.

Rendered images were sent for approval prior to manufacture

The platforms were delivered assembled to reduce installation time/costs

Locking Gas Spring Assisted Safety Barrier

Collapsible Dock Shelter to prevent weather ingress

Wheel alignment curbs to ensure correct vehicle positioning