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Ramp & Platform - May 2010

In this instance, the customers’ basic goal was to unload a variety of palletised & boxed goods from a wide range of vehicles.

Thorworld’s solution was a fixed, raised steel loading platform supplied with a manual dockboard to bridge the gap between platform and vehicle.

Platform Length: 7,500mm
Platform Width: 5,980mm
Ramp Length: 11,000mm
Ramp Useable Width: 2,240mm Ramp
Height: 1,500mm
Capacity: 8,000Kg
Special features: Dockboard, flared alignment curbs, access steps.

Steel bollards were fitted to prevent damage to the base of the ramp

Removable handrails were fitted to allow long items to be loaded from ground level

An added complication was that the customer had such a wide variety of goods to be unloaded, and methods with which to unload. The final design included a modified version of our 10,000Kg capacity Type 9 loading ramp, to allow access to and from the  5.9m x 7.5m platform. Removable handrails to one long edge allows the customer to unload goods from the platform by FLT, after being unloaded from the vehicle by pallet truck or another FLT. Overall, the platform was designed to be very versatile, to allow the customer to use the system in a number of ways.

Safety has been ensured with the installation of a wide variety of Thorworld ancillary equipment and safety aids on the platform and in the surrounding area. These include a dockboard, dock bumpers, flared alignment curbs, fork and pallet truck raves, removable hand rails and a set of access steps.

In the customers own words:

"The new modular platform is exactly what we were looking for. Thorworld’s design department were exceptional – they made multiple site visits to assess exactly what we needed and then went away and had it made.”

"Now loading and unloading is much quicker and easier than before and it has provided our workers with a far safer environment in which to work.”

The platform was made large enough to allow the fork truck to turn around if required​

A Dockboard was use to span from the platform to the vehicle

Wheel Alignment curbs were fitted to ensure correct vehicle position