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Sideways Ramp - Oct 2010

This client had a requirement for a mobile yardramp, but due to very tight space constraints they needed a ramp which could be moved sideways for storage once the loading operation was completed.

Thorworlds solution was a modified version of the Deluxe 10,000Kg capacity Type 7 yardramp, fitted with an additional set of wheels orientated perpendicular to the normal direction of travel.

One set of wheels was on telescopic legs which allowed use of the ramp in a traditional manner, but allowed the ramp to be lowered to the additional wheels to push/pull sideways for storage.

Length: 11,400mm
O/A Width: 2,400mm
Useable Width: 2,240mm
Height: 890-1,680mm (Max possible height variation)
Capacity: 10,000Kg
Special features: Wheels to allow sideways movement for storage.