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Walk Ramp - Mar 2012

A client required a ramp to allow access using sack barrows to (un)load furniture.

The ramp specification was as follows.

  • To serve vehicles ranging from 900-1300mm
  • Usable width of 2000mm
  • Steel frame with high tensile Aluminium treadplate decking
  • Handrails to both sides.
  • 750Kg Capacity
  • Maximum length of 8000mm
  • To be mobile and light enough to be moved by 4 people

The height variation was achieved using a manual hydraulic handpump to raise the top section of the ramp above the floor of the trailer. The valve on the pump is then opened to allow the ramp to move with the trailers as they move on their suspension.

The ramp is connected to the trailer using chains, hooks and tension brackets to ensure they cannot seperate.

Detailed drawings and rendered images were sent to the client for approval prior to manufacture

The ramp needed to be lightweight enough to be moved by four operators as forklift trucks were not available on site.

The ramp was fitted with 4 x heavy duty jockey wheels to allow the ramp to be moved between each loading door on site.

Detailed drawings were produced to ensure the ramp was manufactured exactly as the clients requirements