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Van Docking Ramps

  • Yardramps can be manufactured in various sizes and widths to allow vans / smaller vehicles to access existing loading docks.
  • Side platforms with access steps can be provided, along with handrails and various decking options.
  • Different capacities, widths, incline lengths and level off/platform lengths can be provided to suit your application.
  • The ramps/platforms can be designed so they are flush with the dock height or positioned below dock to get the vehicle floors closer to the loading dock level.
  • See a selection of examples below
  • Example 1 (below): This ramp is a typical application with a fixed height. The van deck is close to the loading dock level and can be accessed using a removable dock plate. A D-Section bumper can also be mounted in front of the dock leveller.
Van Docking Ramps
Van Docking RampsVan Docking RampsVan Docking Ramps
  • Example 2 (below): A typical fixed height ramp to raise the van to the same height as the loading dock.

  • Example 3 (below): The height of this ramp can be adjusted using trailer landing legs mounted either side.

  • Example 4 (below): A larger working area can be created using our modular platforms.

  • Example 5 (below): A pair of fixed height ramps can be provided up to a maximum recommended height of 400mm.