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Steel Safety Bollards

Steel Safety Bollards
Steel Safety BollardsSteel Safety BollardsSteel Safety Bollards

Product Details

  • Thor Safety Bollards protect buildings and equipment from damage caused by moving vehicles.
  • Can be used for both indoor (above ground type) see fig. 1 and outdoor (below ground type) applications see fig. 2.
  • We do not recommend using floor mounted bollards (above ground type) outdoors, since the structure of the ground is normally inadequate and the loads applied by road vehicles requires the bollards to be cast into the ground and keyed into position by reinforcing bars.
  • Standard units are made from 170mm outer diameter tube.
  • Bollards are of steel construction, finished in alert yellow, with added luminous black and yellow warning strips for outdoor applications.
  • Please Note: Be wary of lightweight copies, which will not be of sufficient strength.
Model Details Type Dimensions Above Ground Dimensions Below Ground Weight Kg
TWP13-B Below ground 1300 500 40
TWP13-A Above ground (surface mount) 1300 - 35
TWB-F3 - Fixing – 16mm dia. X 140mm long - - -