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Vehicle Bumpers

Vehicle Bumpers
Vehicle BumpersVehicle BumpersVehicle BumpersVehicle BumpersVehicle Bumpers

Product Details

  • Thorworld moulded vehicle bumpers come in five models, which provide excellent protection to vehicles, loading dock equipment and the loading docks they are visiting.
  • The range includes a full width vehicle 'D' Section Bumper, a short 'D' section buffer, two styles of rectangular dock bumpers in various lengths and a small mouse shaped bumper - see fig 1.
  • For details of fixing holes in bumpers please see the pdf specification sheets available to download from the table below.
  • Please Note: vehicle bumpers are not suitable for fitting to loading docks. 

Type 6: D Section Bumper

  • This bumper is a modified D section.
  • Ideal for spanning full width of vehicles/trailers.
  • Can be provided in shorter lengths if required.
  • Fixings 10mm diameter.
  • This product is 80mm thick. 

Type 7: Curved D Section Bumper

  • Modified D section.
  • 200mm lengths can be fitted in vertical and horizontal positions.
  • 80mm thick.
  • Two built-in holes for 10mm diameter fixings. 

Type 8: Rectangular Bumper

  • Available in four lengths.
  • 50mm thick.
  • Three counterbored fixing holes, with form for square head coach screws to ease fitting.
  • Fixings 10mm diameter. 

Type 10: Mouse Shaped Bumper

  • For use where only a small buffer is required.
  • Two counterbored fixing holes.
  • Fixings 6mm diameter. 
Model Details Type W x L x T
No. of holes  Weight
TWVB-D-96 7 90x2500x70 10 22.5
TWVB-D-48 7 90x1250x70 5 11.3
TWVB-D-20 6 90x500x70 2 4.5
TWVB-D-10 7 90x250x70 1 2.3
TWVB-D-8 7 90x200x70 2 1
TWVB-10-2 8 50x255x50 3 0.64
TWVB-16-2 8 50x405x50 3 1
TWVB-MOUSE 10 35x65x20 2 0.03