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Wheel Chocks

Standard Wheel Chocks

  • Wheel chocks are a low cost effective way of preventing the unexpected movement of vehicles whilst either parked or being loaded and unloaded.
  • Thorworld offers four Vehicle Wheel Chocks:
    • TWC-1 Moulded chock
    • TWC-3 Cast Aluminium chock
    • TWC-4 Low Cost smaller moulded chock
    • TWC-10 Steel Chock
  • All moulded chocks have a safety grip face for maximum adhesion between vehicle wheel and chock.
  • Moulded units have built-in lifting handles.
  • An optional anti-theft retaining chain (TWC-2) is available for TWC-1, TWC-3,TWC-4 and TWC-10.
  • We also offer two types of Aircraft Wheel Chocks for use at Airports and landing strips (TWC-6 & TWC-9)
Wheel Chocks
Wheel ChocksWheel ChocksWheel ChocksWheel ChocksWheel ChocksWheel ChocksWheel ChocksWheel ChocksWheel Chocks
Model Details Description W x L x H mm Weight KG
TWC-1 Moulded Rubber Wheel Chock  270 x 190 x 190 6
TWC-2 - Retaining Chain  5 metres long 1
TWC-3 Cast Aluminium Chock 400 x 180 x 180 3.25
TWC-4 Low Cost Rubber Chock  240 x 160 x 200 4.5
TWC-6 Rubber Aircraft Chock  250 x 235 x 220 12
TWC-8 Rubber MYR Chock 150 x 175 x 150 3.5
TWC-9 Rubber Aircraft Chock 250 x 170 x 150 6
TWC-10 Steel Chock 270 x 200 x 230 4.5

Wheel Chock with Built in Movement Switch (TWC-5)

  • This product is a TWC-3 Wheel Chock with a switch incorporated which can be connected to Traffic Lights, Dock Levellers, Dockloadas, Doors and many more, to identify when a vehicle is in position.
  • This Wheel Chock houses a sensor, which has the ability to transmit an electrical signal via a built-in switch and a flexible cable, through a junction box to equipment, either to isolate, park or make safe a Dock Leveller or similar equipment. This unit can be used in conjunction with Thor Traffic Lights, (Click for details).
  • The chock is manufactured from aluminium, has a coiled cable extendable to 8 metres and includes a 5m length of retaining chain for security and to prevent damage to cable connections.
  • Thorworld engineers recommend that a 24 volt isolated and fused circuit be incorporated into the equipment being safeguarded, and advise that it should be used for signal purposes only. 
Wheel Chocks
Model Details Description W x L x H mm Weight KG
TWC-5 Wheel chock with switch  400 x 180 x 180 5

Wheel chock with handle

  • Both our TWC-3, Aluminium Wheel Chock, and our TWC-10, Steel Wheel Chocks can be sold with an incorporated aluminium box section handle.
  • The handle allows operatives to position chocks from a standing position (reducing manual handling effort), whilst also providing a clear visual marker to operatives and drivers that the chock is in place.
  • Specify Left Hand / Right Hand requirements when ordering (Left Hand shown in pictures).
Wheel Chocks
Wheel ChocksWheel Chocks
Model Details Chock included
TWC-3-HANDLE2 TWC-3 (Cast Aluminium)
TWC-10-HANDLE TWC-10 (Steel)