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Wheel Guides & Alignment Curbs

Wheel Guides & Alignment Curbs
Wheel Guides & Alignment CurbsWheel Guides & Alignment Curbs

Product Details

  • Alignment Curbs can be used to protect racking, equipment and machines from potential damage caused by forklift trucks and moving vehicles, or for guiding lorry’s into the correct position in front of the dock and minimising damage to dock equipment.
  • This product is finished in alert yellow paint for optimum hazard awareness.
  • Be wary of lightweight copies which will not be of sufficient strength.
  • Standard units are made from 170mm outer diameter tube.
  • We recommend that Alignment Curbs are fixed below ground level and cast onto a concrete base for greater strength. We can provide above ground wheel guides if required, but these must be installed onto a concrete base.
  • Different sizes available on request to suit your requirements.
  • Straight and flared versions available to suit your requirements.
  • Please note: all units are sold individually (not as pairs)
Model Details Config. Above/Below Ground Fixing

Overall Length

Above Ground Dimension (mm)

Weight Kg
TWAC-18-A-B Straight Above 1800 320 57
TWAC-18-B-B Straight Below (380mm) 1800 320 64
TWAC-28-A-F Flared Above 2800 320 77
TWAC-28-B-F Flared Below (380mm) 2800 320 75
TWB-F3 - Fixing M16 x 140mm long