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Trailer Safety Support

Trailer Safety Support
Trailer Safety SupportTrailer Safety SupportTrailer Safety SupportTrailer Safety SupportTrailer Safety Support

Product Specifications

  • Trailer Safety Supports are designed to provide additional support under the fifth wheel of a parked container, without a cab, during loading and unloading.
  • The screw mechanism allows the jack to be adjusted, with a height range of 1075-1275mm.
  • The maximum supporting load required varies greatly depending on trailer type, weight distribution and the nature of the load, however typically requirements are in the region of 20 Tonnes.
  • Two capacities available:
    • 26,500Kg for most 'normal' applications
    • 36,500Kg for 'abnormal' applications i.e. Military Equipment.
  • A safety sign is also available as an additional safety measure, to display when the support is in use. The sign comes pre-fitted with a clip to allow attachement to a standard air hose fitting.
Model No. Details Description Supporting Capacity Height Range Weight
TWCJ-4253-1 Trailer Safety Support 26,500Kg 1075 - 1275mm 70
TWCJ-4253-2 Trailer Safety Support 36,500Kg 1075 - 1275mm 79
TWCJ-SS - Safety sign     -