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Yardramp Accessories

  • This section gives a brief overview of just some of the extras/accessories to suit our mobile yardramps.
  • Our ramps are designed and manufactured in-house, meaning we can often accommodate special requirements. Please ask if you have any special requests.

Wheel Chocks

Required when operating Mobile Yardramps. We show below our two most popular models. A minimum of four ramp chocks and four vehicle chocks are recommended. Our full range of wheel chocks can be viewed HERE.

  • TWC-1 - for most HGV's
    • Heavy-duty rubber Moulded Vehicle Wheel Chock.
    • Includes rope handle for carrying/positioning.
    • Anti-theft chain is available if required.

  • TWC-8 - for use with our range of yardramps / contrainer ramps.
    • Small rubber moulded Yardramp Wheel Chocks.
    • Includes rope handle for carrying/positioning.
    • A low-cost and efficient way of preventing the movement of Yardramps, when both stored and in use.


If pedestrians need to walk on the ramp, we strongly recommend full length handrails to both sides. Anti-slip Grit flooring may also be required to the entry and exit sections of the ramp.

Electric pump upgrade

An alternative to the standard hydraulic hand pump is the option of an electrical pump, this can be used to raise and lower the ramp with the press of a button. The electrical pump is available in three types, 110V, 240V, and 415V depending on the power available on site.

External FLT Towing Adaptor

Folding Entry Type ramps are towed behind your FLT. When turning tightly, ‘internal’ towing pockets on FLT’s can cause the ramps to bind – external pockets are therefore required to prevent damage and improve usability. If your FLT has an internal towing pocket, we can provide an adaptor to suit.

Fork Truck Towing Adaptor

This adaptor can be used with ramps with Folding Entry Type ramps. The stand-alone adaptor attaches to standard fork truck tines/stanchions, and allows you to move the ramp in a similar way to Integrated Entry Type ramps, for one-man operation. Click here for more details.

Suitable for forks 140x60mm max, closing to 160mm centres. Alternatives available on request.

One-Man Operation (Telescopic) Tow Adaptor

This adaptor can be retro-fitted to Folding Entry Type ramps. This allows the ramp to be moved in a similar way to Integrated Entry Type ramps, for one-man operation.

Yardramp Safety Interlock

This is a 'trapped key' control system designed to further improve the safety when operating a yardramp. Click here for more details.

Three wheeled trucks

All our yardramps are designed, tested and approved using four wheeled fork trucks. If three wheeled trucks are to be used this puts extra point loading onto flooring and as a result additional flooring supports will be required to prevent damage.

Brackets and/or Support Legs for fixed ramps

Allow any of our mobile ramps to be fixed in place and used as semi-permanent access to raised floors.