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Yardramp Safety Interlock

Yardramp Safety Interlock
Yardramp Safety InterlockYardramp Safety InterlockYardramp Safety Interlock

Product Specifications

  • This is a 'trapped key' control system designed to further improve the safety when operating a yardramp.
  • An air-hose lock is locked onto the red emergency ‘suzie’ air hose connector on your trailer preventing the trailer from being moved until the loading operation is complete and the lock is removed, preventing vehicle drive-offs when the yardramp is in use.
  • The coded key used to lock the air-hose is then used to release a chain, allowing access to the yardramp only when the trailer is correctly parked and isolated.
  • The drivers can retain their vehicles keys but importantly, the yardramp operatives are in control of the situation at all times.
  • Alternative solutions are also available for rigid trailers and European air hose connections.
  • Similar systems can also be integrated into doors, levellers, traffic lights and other materials handling equipment to fit your site procedures.
  • A typical system consists of: 
  1. Access to the ramp is prevented with locked chain.
  2. The air hose lock is connected to the red ‘suzie’ air hose connector. Then, and only then, is the key released from the air hose lock.
  3. This coded key is then inserted into the chain lock on the ramp to release the chain.
  4. This then allows access to the ramp and (un)loading operations can commence.
  5. Once (un)loading is completed, the chain is re-inserted into the lock and the key can then be removed.
  6. The key is then used to release the air hose lock from the trailer and allow the vehicle to drive away.
  • Speak to our sales team for advice on how such a system can be integrated into your operations.
  • Contact us for more information and pricing.