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Electro Hydraulic Dock Leveller

Electro Hydraulic Dock Leveller
Electro Hydraulic Dock LevellerElectro Hydraulic Dock LevellerElectro Hydraulic Dock Leveller

Product Details

  • We offer an Electro Hydraulic Dock Leveller to compliment our Dock Loading product range.
  • It is important when choosing the correct leveller that the height differences above and below the dock are established first, along with the width and capacity of the leveller required
  • This product is available on a supply, delivery and installation basis only, price on application. Service contracts available on request.
  • The units are manufactured with a self-supporting sub frame as shown in fig.1 and fig.2.
  • The levellers are fitted into pre-prepared pits.
  • Swing Lip & Extending Lip versions available to suit your requirements, as highlighted below:


  • Includes a low-pressure hydraulic system for ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Hydraulic system has built in safety stop to lock the leveller in position in case of power failure.
  • Standard units rated at 6,000kg. Other capacities are available.
  • Platform and lip manufactured from high tensile steel with an anti-slip Durbar finish.
  • Platform and lip follow movements of vehicle when loading and unloading.
  • Electrics are operated by a 0.7kW/380-420Volt motor 3-phase 50Hz supply.
  • Operating temperatures between - 30 C to 50 C
  • Lip keepers prevent unauthorised entry when leveller is not in use, (see fig. 5).
  • Retractable sliding plates are fitted as standard, acting as proficient toe guards, (see fig. 1).
  • Includes a non-removable maintenance bar, a combined pump and oil reservoir and dock bumpers.

Optional Features

  • Continuously operating draft excluder system.
  • 500mm long lip (tapered on request).
  • Platform insulation.
  • Self supporting frames
  • Pit edge angles / pit box.
  • Coarse, non-slip grit coating to further aid traction in extreme operating conditions.
  • Galvanised finish.