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Mini Platform Leveller

Mini Platform Leveller
Mini Platform LevellerMini Platform LevellerMini Platform LevellerMini Platform Leveller

Product Specification

Patent No. GB 2 296 231 B

  • This innovative product from Thorworld allows trains to be loaded quickly and effectively from purpose-built platforms providing a safe bridge between the platform and the train.
  • Since most carriages have their doors in different positions and no two trains stop in the same location, the levellers need to be able to be moved backwards and forwards, along the edge of the platform into the correct position. This sliding mechanism is located under the platform to suit configuration, (see fig. 2).
  • The levelling plate on the Mini Platform Leveller is stored below the platform level, hence there is no chance of the leveller plate moving out into the path of the train and no tripping hazards are present when the ramp is not in use, (see fig. 4).
  • The levellers operate in a minimum envelope space of 100mm from the edge of the platform.
  • Maximum effort required to lift the level is 8-9kg.
  • Ergonomically designed lifting handles are incorporated to allow lifting to start at 130mm above ground level, (see fig. 1).
  • The leveller lowers itself under its own weight.
  • Platform heights from 1300mm can accommodate the unit.
Model No. Ramp
W x L mm
Ht. Diff. mm
Max. Poss 
Ht. Diff. mm
​Max. Recomm. 
Total Max. Load Kg O/A Width
CBL3934 990 x 860 70 50 500 1550 246


Model No. Details Weight
CBL-Rail The rail system includes for a top and bottom rail and appropriate fixing brackets. 19/m