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Heavy Duty Wheel Risers

Heavy Duty Wheel Risers
Heavy Duty Wheel RisersHeavy Duty Wheel Risers

Product Details

  • Typically used when lower vehicles need raising to operate safely on existing loading bays, preventing the need to replace existing
    loading dock equipment, or carry out expensive civil works.
  • Thorworld’s steel Heavy Duty wheel Risers are designed to be fixed in position, for use with larger vehicles such as HGV’s.
  • The combination of some loading bays used with certain types of vehicle can also cause a slope of the trailer back to the loading bay which is not ideal when loading, and can also lead to excessive rain ingress inside the building.
  • Standard units are 17,250Kg capacity per riser.
  • We also recommended the use of our wheel alignment guides for correct alignment on the risers every time.
  • Typical lead-on incline is 7 degrees; check for sufficient under clearance.

Optional Extras

  • Bimagrip anti-slip
  • Curbs to outer / back edges
Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)

Approach Length (mm)

WRST-3020-7 186 750 6200 1500
WRST-3020-8 211 750 6200 1650
WRST-3023-12 312 750 7150 2500

* Check for suitable vehicle underclearance