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Heavy Duty Wheel Risers

Heavy Duty Wheel Risers
Heavy Duty Wheel RisersHeavy Duty Wheel Risers

Product Details

  • Further to our lightweight portable Wheel Risers, Thorworld also offer larger wheel risers designed to be fixed in position, for use with larger vehicles such as HGV’s.
  • These are typically used when lower vehicles need raising to operate safely on existing loading bays, preventing the need to replace existing loading dock equipment, or carry out expensive civil works.
  • The combination of some loading bays used with certain types of vehicle can also cause a slope of the trailer back to the loading bay which is not ideal when loading, and can also lead to excessive rain ingress inside the building.
  • Heights to suit your specific requirements, typically 100-200mm.
  • Typically 18,000Kg capacity per riser but other capacities are available.
  • All designs are bespoke to suit your specific site requirements, i.e. length, height, width, capacity, anti-slip coating, side curbs etc.We also recommended the use of our wheel alignment guides for correct alignment on the risers every time.
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Optional Extras

  • Bimagrip anti-slip
  • Curbs to outer / back edges
Model Height (mm) Width (mm)

Approach Length (mm)

7 degree incline*

Overall Length Details
WRST-3020-7 186 750 1500 6200 -
WRST-3020-8 211 750 1650 6200 -
WRST-3023-12 312 750 2500 7150 -

* Check for suitable vehicle underclearance