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Loading & Unloading Accessories

Thorworld have an extensive range of Accessories for use in the Loading Dock and other Loading and Unloading areas. This range includes traffic/pedestrian control measures, i.e. Loading Dock Traffic Lights, Loading Dock Safety Signs and Safety Mirrors, and the Loading Dock Safety Guards to act as a direct barrier between the warehouse and the dangerous loading/unloading zones.

Thorworlds' selection of Loading Dock Lights (Safety Dock Lights) provide an additional safety feature to the loading and unloading areas by improving visibility in notoriously poor lit areas.

Our Safety Key Box can be located to store delivery drivers’ keys to prevent dangerous drive-offs.

Manufactured to suit your individual requirements, our range of Wheel Risers complements the rest of the range of accessories - used to set your vehicles to the correct height for your fixed loading bay.

Additionally, our Trailer Landing Leg Supports can be used to fix to the ground and prevent damage to your floor by landing legs on trailers.

All our products meet the requirements of the latest European Standards and as such when required they carry the CE Mark.

We offer a free site survey and quotation form one of our Dedicated Sales Team to ensure that you choose the correct Product for your application.