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Traffic Lights

  • All lights are supplied as standard without sensors/switches. They can be used with a wheel chock with built-in movement switch (Wheel Chocks), with a manual on/off switch or in conjunction with an automatic sensor (TDL-5).
  • All Thorworld traffic lights available to suit a 240v or 110v supply.

Standard Traffic Light

  • A low cost, highly effective product.
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor, particularly useful inside warehouses to inform personnel of whether the dock is in use.
  • Easy to install.
  • Full wiring and fitting instructions included.
  • Standard 60 Watt bulb combines high output with simple maintenance.

Model Details Description Weight
TDL-1-N/S Standard without sensor 2

Deluxe LED Traffic Light

  • High impact ABS outer casing with large shatterproof Polycarbonate lenses.
  • Hoods are fitted to reduce interference from other light sources.
  • 150mm diameter lenses.
  • Suitable for wall or post mounting.
  • LED version features equivalent light output of a standard 60 Watt bulb, but only 5W power consumption, and significantly longer lifespan.

Model Details Description Weight
TDL-2L-N/S Deluxe LED without sensor 4

Super Deluxe Traffic Light

  • Features durable Polycarbonate casing
  • Optimised 210mm diameter round lenses
  • Standard 60 Watt bulb combines high output with simple maintenance
  • Includes removable slot-in hoods, which prevent interference from other light sources ensuring high visibility.
  • Easy to install fixings with full swivel action, allowing the light source to be set at exactly the right angle.

Model Details Description Weight
TDL-3-N/S Super Deluxe without sensor 4

Ultra Bright LED Traffic Light

© EC European Community Registered Design 000321161-0001

  • LED Technology meaning low energy consumption and a long lifespan
  • With 24 LED’s per array, these traffic lights are approximately equivalent in brightness to a 60W incandescent lamp, but offer significant energy savings.
  • Compact, easy to install design
  • High visibility units—LED’s in direct view; no lens required
  • A regulated power supply with a maximum voltage of 24.5v DC is required. We recommend our power supply is used to ensure correct voltages.
  • Where radio communications/transmitters are present or fluctuations in power supplies are likely to occur we recommend filters are added to these lights.
  • Supplied with 4m of cable for electrical installation 
  • 100mm diameter LED array
  • Unit measures approx 270x140x50mm
  • Specials available on request, e.g. Larger size, Arrows, Chevrons or Pointers
  • Features durable ABS casing

Model Details Description Weight
TDL-4L-24-N/S 24 LED per array without sensor 4
TDL-4L-TR - 110-240V AC - 24V DC Transformer 4


  • Used to change the traffic lights when vehicles are close to the loading bay to indicate the correct reversed position, helping to eliminate damage and improve safety.
  • The TDL-5 emits an infrared signal and detects when the signal is returned / bounced back. It is generally recommended to fit this inside a dock shelter so that the signal is reflected from the side of the vehicle.
  • The TDL-5-REF detects when an infrared signal is broken between the sensor and the reflector fitted to the opposite side of the loading dock.
  • Can be used with any Thorworld traffic lights.
Model Description Range
TDL-5 Background suppressive infrared sensor 0 - 2.5m
TDL-5-REF Reflex (Reflective) infrared sensor with reflector 0 - 5m (Typical)