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Battery Distributor Powers Up With Thorworld Fixed Ramp

A Thorworld fixed ramp has provided safe warehouse access for a Midlands-based distributor of commercial batteries.

Following changes to its logistics operations, the customer needed to allow forklift trucks to access its raised warehouse level from the outside yard level, via an existing loading bay.  After our distributor Darmax conducted a site survey, we proposed the use of a fixed ramp, which is bolted securely into the ground to hold it in place.

As the ramp had to be able to withstand the considerable weight of the batteries being loaded and unloaded, we recommended our 10,000kg capacity Deluxe Type 6 ramp.  This also has a 12.2 metre ramp length, allowing forklifts to travel up and down a gentle incline for added safety.

Other safety features include handrails, and anti-slip coating to reduce the risk of operators slipping on the ramp.

To complete the custom installation, instead of the famous Thorworld red, this particular ramp was colour matched to the customer’s branding.

“Fixed ramps are a great way to make permanent use of an existing loading bay, which would otherwise only be operational when a trailer is on site,” said Ian Langan, Thorworld’s Technical & Engineering Director.

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Published: 12/02/2024