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Customisable Loading Ramps and Docks – Find The Right Solution for Your Needs

The list of products which logistics or operations managers have to deal with is almost endless. So too are the particular demands each of these product types brings for a company’s loading and unloading operations. 

When dealing with particularly heavy or unwieldy products, or challenging locations, standard loading and unloading equipment may not always be suitable. This often leads to inefficient or even unsafe loading practices as ‘bodge’ solutions are implemented as a workaround.

This is obviously not ideal – both from an operational and a safety perspective – and implementing the right loading solution for a business’ particular situation is key to overcoming these challenges.

Customisable Loading Ramps and Docks

Luckily, loading docks and ramps from Thorworld have a huge range of customisability – bringing you a bespoke loading and unloading solution that allows you to handle a huge diversity of product types and loading areas.

Whether you need additional weight capacity, wider or longer dimensions, additional safety features or even a particular colour to match your branding, we can provide bespoke loading docks, ramps and other equipment tailored to your needs.

Here are some of the customizable options that we can provide, all manufactured in-house at our Derbyshire factory, and what logistical challenges they can help solve:

Consider Extra Width Ramps

Whilst most of our ramps have around 2240mm usable width, this is sometimes not enough – particularly if your business uses larger plant or agricultural equipment that need to use the ramp.

A wider ramp may also be useful if you intend to use it for access to a raised platform or warehouse.

Increased Weight Capacity for Loading Ramps & Docks

Loading and unloading heavy products or using larger vehicles sometimes requires increased weight capacity to ensure safety.

We can offer higher capacity, heavy duty loading ramps, docks and other loading equipment dependent on application.

Alternative Lengths – Long Ramp, Short Ramp

Our fixed loading ramps can also be supplied in alternative lengths.

Either a shorter ramp with a steeper incline, which can be a great solution when space is limited, or a longer ramp for non-standard or lower height loading docks. Gradient limits and under clearance issues are things to look out for but our technical team will be able to provide guidance on this.

This mainly applies to fixed ramps as mobile yard ramps need certain dimensions to retain their strength and portability. 

Our standard ramps have either a 2.4m or 1.83m long level-off section but it is possible to extend this if required. This is an option if dealing with long or unwieldy products as when forklifts descend a ramp, the forks raise up and the load could impact the roof of the container or trailer.

Additional Ramp & Dock Safety Features

Maintaining the highest standards of health and safety are a priority for all businesses and Thorworld can provide a huge range of additional safety features to help ensure a safe loading and unloading operation.

Handrails, gates and barriers are recommended when pedestrians or staff are expected to be on the ramp.  Typically these are full length and cover both sides of the ramp but non standards can be manufactured to suit your requirements for example, handrails can be offset to provide extra clearance for tightly packed goods.

Various decking options are also available for our open mesh and solid treadplate including Ambideck and full Plain Plate decking with Bimagrip Antislip. The latter is usually required when using equipment with small wheels.

Custom Colours!

Thorworld loading equipment is known for its iconic red, but it is possible to have your loading ramp or dock in any RAL colour to suit your branding or existing site colour schemes.

Click here to see a loading ramp solution we provided for one of our customers in a custom colour.

Finding The Right Solution

Efficiency and safety can be difficult to ensure when faced with challenging products or loading areas and bespoke equipment can go a long way to help solve these issues.

To find out more about our customizable loading equipment, click here: https://www.thorworld.co.uk/bespoke/intro

Published: 03/11/2023