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Tackle temperature control when the cold takes hold with Thorworld door seals

During the colder winter months, one of the most significant areas of energy consumption in any warehouse or loading bay, is temperature control.

Whether in the form of heating, cooling or refrigeration, managing to better control temperature and retain the optimum degree setting can lower energy costs in any loading environment, whilst helping to reduce your operation’s carbon footprint.


At Thorworld Industries we design and manufacture a range of heat retaining solutions created to support energy loss around the warehouse or loading door:

Collapsible Dock Shelters

Our heavy-duty Collapsible Dock Shelters can protect both people and goods from temperature fluctuations and weather conditions during loading and unloading operations. Improving safety and reducing the cost of damage, the shelter’s collapsible design means the frame will fold back against the attached building if hit by a poorly aligned vehicle.

Dock Shelter Curtains & Aprons

Other options include Dock Shelter Curtains & Aprons that involve fixing a PVC apron to the overall width of the door opening, set via brackets to accommodate different vehicle heights.

Dock Pad Seal

Alternatively, a simple Dock Pad Seal will provide an efficient, low cost closure between a vehicle and building using flexible foam with PVC covers on a seasoned timber backing board.

Although energy efficiency will be front of mind for loading bay and warehouse management teams in the winter, warmer months can also present a temperature issue, especially when dealing with cold storage or other ambient applications. That’s where our inflatable dock seals can prove extremely effective in providing optimum protection from outside elements; keeping staff and goods protected and insulated, and airborne pests at bay.

Savings taking shape

Doors with seals are necessary for any warehouse or loading bay trying to maintain a consistent temperature and avoid high energy costs, as an open door provides the largest portal for energy loss in any warehouse.

Whilst the expense of a door seal solution can mean an initial outlay, it can soon lead to savings from the reduced running costs of a more carbon neutral warehouse or loading bay.

Published: 24/01/2019