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Thorworld Supplies Bespoke Dock Leveller to chemicals specialist LANXESS

Thorworld Industries is pleased to have supplied leading speciality chemicals company LANXESS with a bespoke modular dock to help with the loading and unloading of shipping containers.

LANXESS is a global company – with headquarters in Germany – that develops, manufactures and markets chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics. LANXESS has five production sites in the UK, and in Baxenden in the North-West the company needed an existing leveller replacing after years of continued use.

Warren Craig, Sales Director at Loading Bay Service, was on-hand to assess the necessary product required, before working with Thorworld Industries to design and manufacture the dock leveller with a modular dock and ramp to raise the dock height. The introduction of the leveller not only improved efficiencies and saved time, but moreover is much safer than the previous one.

Paul Stansfield, Plant Logistics Manager at LANXESS, commented:

“A new modular dock was an essential upgrade, after our previous model had served us well for so many years. We have already seen an improvement in business operations thanks to the newer version of the dock, which has allowed us to overcome previous loading and unloading issues at an extreme angle.

“Loading Bay Service and Thorworld were very helpful and their expertise was clear to see from start to finish. Everything was installed on time and they have a good customer service.”

Warren Craig from Loading Bay Service, said:

“We are pleased to see the impact LANXESS’ new dock leveller has had on business operations and, once again, it was a smooth transition from assessing the customer’s needs and working with Thorworld to produce the right product in the required timeframe.

Ian Langan, Technical and Engineering Director at Thorworld Industries said:

“LANXESS operates in a specialist market, and safety is at the forefront of their operations, so we were delighted to work with them on the installation of their new dock leveller. We were pleased to offer LANXESS an updated version of their modular dock in line with current regulations.

“Our associates at Loading Bay Service gave our team the specifications and we got on with fulfilling the order to deadline.”

Published: 07/10/2021