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Walk this way for safer loading and unloading with Thorworld Walkramps

When striving to improve loading function, safety standards and pedestrian operator well-being, Walkramps can present an ideal route to better loading practice.

With their steel frame design, aluminium decking and anti-slip tread plate surface, Thorworld Walkramp systems improve vehicle (un)loading processes, either for operators handballing, or using sack trucks.

Created with safety as the first and foremost priority, a 100mm rim features along each side of the ramp to prevent equipment from running over the edges. Furthermore, to prevent any ramp movement while in use, retaining chains and hooks are positioned at each side of the ramp’s top lip. The ramp can also be safely moved by four operators and is fitted with heavy duty jacking castors to better enable this process.

The top two metres of the ramp are hinged to allow access for different types of vehicles, and the height can be adjusted using a manual hydraulic hand pump. As an additional safety feature, the ramp also comes with one metre high handrails as standard.

Convenient, practical and effective, the Thorworld Walkramp system is a piece of loading kit that’s well-worth consideration by any warehouse team and could make a big difference to safety operations in the loading environment.

Published: 17/03/2019