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Details on some of the market sectors we serve, and how we can help:

Warehousing, Transport and Distribution

Your business is our business

The warehousing, transport and distribution sector is the backbone of many businesses, providing an essential service by keeping products on the road.  In this constantly changing industry, we pride ourselves on being one step ahead and offer companies working in this challenging sector the loading and unloading solutions they need to remain competitive.

Our loading and unloading solutions can help improve efficiency, as well as safety in and round the loading bay.

Quality as standard – whatever the season

Any loading bay, container ramp or modular dock installed in a warehouse, transport or distribution company will inevitably be used on a regular basis, meaning strength and durability are key.  Our products and loading systems are specifically designed for repeated, long-term use - as well as being manufactured to the latest European Standards and as such carry the CE mark where applicable - providing an efficient and economical solution. 

However, we also understand the seasonality of the distribution industry and the pressures this can present.  To help keep your business running like clockwork during these busy periods, we created our Rent A Ramp service, allowing you to hire a ramp for a period of time between one month and five years – providing a truly flexible solution to your loading needs.  

Tailor-made solutions

If you are transporting, distributing or storing large, heavy or unusual shaped items, an off-the-shelf solution may not be right for you.  Our unique, bespoke service allows you to work closely with our expert designers to create a loading solution specifically suited to your business and products.

We are here to help to keep the warehouse, transport and distribution industry moving.

Waste / Recycling

The waste and recycling industry is growing at an exponential rate as our need for the service increases.  Much of this waste is exported overseas and for those involved in the logistics of loading baled waste on to shipping containers, it can be a tricky and time-sensitive procedure.

Health and safety, as well as shipping and export, regulations must also be adhered to.

Here at Thorworld Industries, we understand the needs of this demanding sector and can provide the most efficient and effective loading solutions required to keep it moving.

Portable performance

Our mobile container ramp is one such solution.  Its cost effectiveness, portability and durability make it the perfect all-round loading solution.  Its versatility is also an advantage - being mobile and fully adjustable, compatibility is assured, helping to increase both loading times and productivity.

Strength and durability

Those in the waste and recycling industry know that it can be a tough, dirty and potentially hazardous environment in which to work.  Dirt, dust and debris can also cause long-term damage to a loading solution.  Here at Thorworld Industries, we understand this.  Our equipment – whether that is a modular loading dock or a mobile container ramp – is robust and well-designed, and performs exceptionally in this challenging environment.

Unique to you

We know that sometimes only a made-to-measure loading solution will do.  We have extensive experience of creating and manufacturing bespoke designs specifically for the waste and recycling industries – from tailored yard ramps, fold-down entry ramps and high-safety side rails to multiple towing formats and height- adjustable hydraulics. 

Whatever your loading needs – off-the-shelf or tailor made - get in touch to find out how we can help make your business more efficient.

Food, Drink and Arable

Loading Bay equipment – maintaining temperatures, and health & safety regulations

Safe, hygienic and reliable loading bay solutions are essential requirements for keeping companies within the Food, Drink and Arable industries moving, enabling suppliers to meet demand while fulfilling sector regulations.

At Thorworld Industries, we manufacture standard and bespoke loading and unloading apparatus and accessories, specifically designed to achieve and maintain crucial temperatures, whilst also complying with strict health and hygiene rules and guidelines.

Making safety the number one priority

We consider safety paramount to every loading bay design, build and installation we undertake.  That’s why you can rely on Thorworld to apply its health and safety expertise to the specific requirements of the Food, Drink and Arable Feed industries.

PVC Strip Curtains

Designed to remain flexible at low temperatures, our PVC Strip Curtains are manufactured using Polar Grade plastic, making them ideal for use in cold store environments. The curtains can also be supplied in a yellow, Anti-Insect plastic, impregnated with a non-toxic citrus based compound to actively repel insects from outside environments.

Dock Shelter Curtains & Aprons

When your business relies on your loading bay’s ability to keep temperature at a constant, the addition of Dock Seals, capable of minimising heat loss or gain, is essential.

Alternatively, the use of our Dock Shelters reduce the chance of slips, trips and falls on the loading dock, and also prevent damage to product caused by weather ingress.

Attached using either rubber bungy cords, or with a pole and bracket fixing to accommodate specific vehicle heights, our Dock Shelter Curtains & Aprons are manufactured to cover the overall width of any door opening, maintaining temperatures, as well as contributing to vital health and safety regulations.

Bespoke Solutions

Whether you’re restricted by space, premises, regulation or nature of load, we can work with you to create a bespoke, safe and enabling loading bay solution capable of meeting your company’s needs, and your clients’ expectations.

Architectural Products and DIY

Loading Bay equipment – built for the task at hand

Not every product can be boxed and loaded using standard equipment, which is why at Thorworld Industries we extend our services to the bespoke design and manufacture of loading bay apparatus capable of safely handling out-sized loads.

Architectural and DIY products, such as structural components, building timbers, fixings and plastering materials, can all warrant special loading facilities to prevent load damage and keep operatives safe.

Creating the best solution

Whether loading to or from a container, positioning on a flatbed or using more specialist transportation, we can work closely with clients to establish exactly how our solutions can be adapted and re-structured to meet their specific logistical needs.

We can design and install tailor-made solutions capable of fully accommodating load size and complexity, and provide operatives with the training they need to make the most of the equipment, their task easier, and their safety a priority.

The right fit

Our platform schemes and systems can be manufactured to enable turns, lifts and the facilitation of any necessary loading vehicle, such as a forklifts and tugs.  Robust, reliable and safe, we design our bespoke apparatus and accessories to enable even the most outsized materials to be handled and loaded safely and efficiently; minimising damage, and keeping your business moving.

Bespoke solutions

At Thorworld Industries, we believe anything can loaded and unloaded safely and efficiently.  We’ll use our knowledge and expertise to create a loading solution, perfect equipped to meet your company’s requirements.